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"We can combat the viral nature of COVID-19 by making kindness go 'viral' instead."

- Rabbi Bulka

The Rabbi Bulka Kindness Project

When we reflect on the life of Rabbi Bulka, one of the first words that comes to mind is "kindness". Shortly after Rabbi Bulka's diagnosis in January 2021, this project was launched to accumulate 1,800 acts of kindness - and now we must reach our goal. Rabbi Bulka dedicated his life to giving and caring for others, and now it is our turn to give and care more for others to honour the memory of Rabbi Bulka.

The Rabbi Bulka Kindness Project asks each of you to do an act of kindness (or two or three or four....) and then submit your name and a 10 word description of the good deed in the form below. All of the names and acts of kindness are listed on this website along with a graph showing our progress to reach our goal of 1,800 acts of kindness.

There are several acts of kindness in particular that Rabbi Bulka always prioritized:

  • Schedule an appointment to donate blood or platelets at

  • Register officially as an organ donor at

  • Make a donation to your favourite charity

  • Call someone who lives alone or who is ill to check in on them

  • Donate food to the food bank

  • Leave a note of appreciation

  • Run an errand for a senior in your neighbourhood

You can also find other ideas at the website for Kind Canada Généreux which was founded by Rabbi Bulka in 2014 at:

Please share on social media with the hashtag #RabbiBulkaKindnessProject.

Note: Please allow up to 15 minutes for the counter to refresh!


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